Sustainability Governance

Sandvik’s business strategy, business model and the 2030 sustainability Goals (see Sustainability goals 2030) form the basis for the company’s sustainable business governance. Relevant goals are set to address material areas and efficiently manage related risks and opportunities. Policies and management systems have been set to ensure financial, environmental and social compliance.

The Group Executive Management has the overall responsibility for Sandvik’s sustainability strategy and agenda while the business areas and divisions are responsible for the implementation and follow-up. The business areas are also responsible for the assessment and management of sustainability risks in their operations. KPIs are consolidated and reported to follow up on goals at Group and business area levels. Each year we evaluate our performance, set targets and focus actions for the coming year.

The Sustainability Council is a forum for cooperation and best practice sharing across Sandvik. The Council comprises representatives from the business areas and group functions. The Sustainable Business function coordinates the sustainability agenda together with the business areas.