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Note 46. Follow up on 2019 targets

Sandvik reports on the 2019 targets set up in 2018. We will report on the new 2030 sustainability targets as of 2020.

Follow up on 2019 targets


Targets 2019

Outcome 2019

Our offerings

Innovation and Productivity



Sandvik Machining Solutions

1) New Sales Ratio in the range of 30–40%

2) New filing Ratio 30–35%

3) Increase recycling rate in products

1) New Sales Ratio of 21.2%

2) New Filing Ratio of 34.6%

3) A 20% increase, from 39% in 2018 to 47% in 2019

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology

1) Maintain a healthy trend of New Filing Ratio (share of patents filed in the last 5 years as % of the total portfolio). Target New Filing Ratio: 41%

1) New Filing Ratio of 38.2%

Sandvik Materials Technology

1) All divisions to have the capabilities to present Life Cycle Analysis to selected customers.

2) Market introduction of new products or applications supporting energy efficiency and green energy transition.

3) Develop business cases for materials or applications used in emerging energy applications.

1) Life Cycle Assessment reports presented to selected customers and included in business development discussions.

2) Multiple products that supports energy efficiency and green energy transition e.g. Sanicro® 25 and Tube Production on Customer Site used for hydrogen filling stations.

3) Multiple business cases developed e.g. additive manufacturing for industrial heating applications and Life Cycle Analysis as a service.

Health and Safety

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology

1) Manage Cyber Security for equipment within SMRT.

1) An Offering Cyber Security Policy was drafted and reveiwed and an Offering Cyber Security Committee was launched. Internal security reviews for key products and services started.

Environmental impact

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology

1) Ensure compliance within environmental regulations area for products.

1) Mandatory environmental regulations have been mapped and integrated into the New Product Development (NPD) process.

Sandvik Materials Technology

1a) Increased share of sustainable transports.

1b) Introduction of conventional packaging material recyclable at customer.

2) Feasibility review of potential recycling opportunities on business area product offering.

3) Develop proposal for sustainability labeling to implement on applicable products.

1a) All transports at the Sandviken site use HVO100 biodiesel.

1b) Mapping of possible recyclable solutions ongoing and circular options for plastic investigated with suppliers and manufacturers.

2) First buyback case of scrap steel for closed loop circularity completed. Additional discussions with selected customers initiated.

3) Percentage of recycled material in a product included on materials certificate has been developed and launched.

Follow up on 2019 targets


Targets 2019

Outcome 2019

Our operations

Code of Conduct

1) 100% of all employees trained in our Code of Conduct.
2) 90% of new employees trained in our Code of Conduct
within 3 months.

1) 96% were trained year-end 2019.
2) 65% of new employees were trained yearend 2019.

Speak Up

1) Average open days not to exceed 40 days.
2) Improve the results from 2018 SEmp survey.
(a) Awareness to exceed 83%.
(b) Confidence in the system/process to exceed 74%.

1) 85 days due to review and closure of old cases.
2) No monitoring done in 2019. Strategies developed to increase awareness and trust. Training to be rolled out in 2020 including


1) 100 % of all identified material entities*) shall have reported and have a Basic Compliance Completion Ratio.
*As defined together with each division.

1) Focus shifted to developing Sandvik’s Compliance House, a tool for monitoring compliance implementation in the entities.
Rollout started early 2020. We also continued to evaluate compliance implementation on Business Area and Divisional level.

Sustainable Supplier

1) Active suppliers, corresponding to 100% of supplier spend, risk assessed according to Sandvik inherited risk matrix.
2) Workplan in place for rolling out Sandvik Supplier Sustainability Questionnaire.
3) 100% of corrective actions pertaining to audits performed in 2018 and 2019 implemented within the time limit agreed with the supplier.
4) Suppliers representing 85% of spend having signed our Supplier Code of Conduct.

1) Approx. 71% fully risk assessed and 23% partly risk assessed (either by country or by category)
2) All business areas have outsourced the questionnaire and integrated it into their supplier management systems or plan to do so. Rolling out plan is being developed.
3) 19.4 % were implemented within the agreed time limit with suppliers. During the year, we have prioritized cases according to their severity and based on that, 31.4% have had the time line extended and will be followed up during 2020.
4) 55.5%

Environmental footprint

1) 1.3% reduction of energy use from environmental improvement action.
2) 1.3% reduction of CO₂ emissions from environmental improvement action.
3) 0.6% reduction of water use from environmental improvement action
4) Reduce total waste by 0.2% from environmental improvement action.

1) Completed actions corresponding to 1.4% reduction was reported.
2) Completed actions corresponding to 2.6% reduction was reported.
3) Completed actions corresponding to 0.2% reduction was reported.
4) Completed actions corresponding to 0.0% reduction was reported.

Health and Safety

1) TRIFR: 3.6
2) LTIFR: 1.4

1) TRIFR: 3.8
2) LTIFR: 1.5