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1% Income statement


income and similar items 9 541 485 Interest expenses and similar items 9 –1,117 –795 Profit after financial items 6,355 15,903 Appropriations –3,138 –82 Income tax 10 –1,481 –684 Profit for the year 1,736 15,137 Profit for the year corresponds to total comprehensive income for the year....

1% Cash flow statement


MSEK Note 2018 2019 1) Included assets held for sale of 34 million SEK Group total Cash flow from operating activities Income after financial income and expenses 17,315 11,945 Adjustment for depreciation, amortization and impairment losses 4,408 10,077 Other adjustment for non–cash items, etc. 29 ...

1% Note 47. GRI index


Note 36. Stakeholder dialogues Reporting practice 102-45 Entities included in the consolidated financial statements Note 14. Shares in group companies 102-46 Defining report content and topic Boundaries Sustainability Governance Reporting principles Note 46. Follow up on 2019 targets 102-47 List of...

1% Note 44. Sustainable supplier management


workers exposed to hazardous working conditions. Deviations related to forced labor relate to financial penalties imposed on employees at our suppliers in China. Those regarding discrimination refer to unequal payment of employees with the same experience and qualification who performed the same wo...

1% Overview


Sandvik’s business strategy, business model and the 2030 sustainability Goals (see Sustainability goals 2030) form the basis for the company’s sustainable business governance. Relevant goals are set to address material areas and efficiently manage related risks and opportunities. Policies and ma...