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2% Note 30. Acquisition and divestment of operations, discontinued operations and assets held for sale


–6 0 Other operating income 12 4 Other operating expenses –84 –44 Operating loss –552 –204 Financial income — — Financial expenses 8 –1 Net financing costs 8 –1 Loss after financial items –545 –205 Income tax — — Loss for the year –545 –205 Cash flow statement from dis...

2% Note 10. Income tax


operations for the year amounted to 3,421 million SEK (4,645) or 28.2 percent (26) of profit after financial items. The major part of the deferred tax is related to the reversal of the deferred tax liabilities due to the ongoing divestment of Varel. Reconciliation of the Group’s tax expense The G...

2% Targets and target fulfillment


Sandvik adopted new long-term financial targets in 2019, focusing on growth and profitabilty over a business cycle. Maintaining a strong financial position and dividend are also prioritized. Financial Targets Growth* ≥5% Target: A growth of ≥5 percent through a business cycle, organically and th...

1% Assurance report


defined the scope of the Sustainable Business Report and the Statutory Sustainability Report in Non-financial notes. Responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the Managing Director The Board of Directors and the Managing Director are responsible for the preparation of the Sustainable Business ...

1% Sandvik risk universe


Our risk universe has been developed through analysis and stakeholder dialogue of material risks for our industry, our different businesses, critical laws and regulations and critical operational, commercial, sustainability and financial requirements. It is a comprehensive library of risks which man...