Note 32. Information on shares, owners and rights

The following information is presented in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 6, Section 2.a. of the Swedish Annual Accounts Act.

The Parent Company has issued one series of shares and each share carries one vote. The total number of shares shall be no less than 1,000,000,000 and no more than 4,000,000,000.

At the end of 2018, 1,254,385,923 shares (1,254,385,923) with a quotient value of 1.20 SEK per share had been issued. Shareholders have a preferential right to subscribe to newly issued shares issued for cash or with terms and conditions concerning rights of setoff. All shares are fully negotiable.

Shareholdings that directly and indirectly represent at least 10% of the voting rights are held by AB Industrivärden (12%).

Sandvik AB’s Articles of Association govern such policies as the direction of the business, domicile and share capital (minimum and maximum capital). The Articles do not stipulate that the members of the Board of Directors shall be elected in any other way than at the Annual General Meeting. However, Board representatives of the employees are appointed by the trade unions under the Private Sector Employees (Board Representation) Act.

Companies in the Group entered into borrowing agreements that include conditions coming into effect should the control of the company change as a result of a public takeover bid.

There are no employment agreements between the companies in the Group and the Parent Company’s directors or employees who provide compensation if those persons give notice of termination, or their services are terminated on a reasonable basis, or the employment is terminated as a consequence of a public takeover bid.