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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Sandvik is committed to the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDGs). Sustainable development is relevant in the business sense, for example, how Sandvik’s products and services help customers decrease climate impact. Doing business in a more developed market also decreases business risks, such as corruption. Below are some examples of how we contribute.

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Sandvik’s contribution

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Our offerings: Sandvik’s battery-driven underground equipment helps to address the potential impacts of diesel particulate matter (DPM) and other underground engine emissions with the launch of, for example, the Sandvik DD422iE automated drill rig.


Our operations: For over 10 years, Sandvik has been part of the SHWAP program in Southern Africa, with the aim to decrease cases of HIV/AIDS within our workforce and their families, mainly by preventative measures.

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Our operations: Our Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct prohibit discrimination against women or on any other discriminatory ground. We have adopted policies and processes in order to strengthen the empowerment of women. Diversity and inclusion are material areas for Sandvik that are closely followed up.

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Our offerings: Coated strips for fuel cell bipolar interconnect plates can be used both in mobile (for example hydrogen cars) and stationary hydrogen solutions which are clean energy sources. Sanicro® 25 is a next-generation alloy that copes with extreme heat. This alloy is critical in next generation power plants. Efficiency goes from approximately 35 percent to >50 percent by increasing pressure and temperature, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.


Our operations: In our major production sites in Europe we have been buying energy from renewable energy sources since 2013, thereby reducing the Group’s CO2 emissions by approximately 20 percent. We constantly work on improving energy efficiency in our production as well as in our products and services.

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Our offerings: AutoMine® mining automation solution removes people from hazardous areas to a safer and healthier environment while not impacting production efficiency.


Our operations: Decent working conditions are a prerequisite set out in our Code of Conduct and in our Supplier Code of Conduct. We respect the ILO Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work, as well as principles 4, 5 and 6 of the UN Global Compact. We have a strict prohibition against forced, slave and child labor. Safety is a highly prioritized area with a vision of zero harm to our employees and contractors.

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Our offerings: PrimeTurning™ is a methodology that enables turning in all directions. It allows customers to double the speed and feed rates, providing faster metal removal, which means more parts per run. The productivity increase is substantial, >50 percent, compared to conventional turning. Smart Powder Solutions design reduces marine emissions through a dual-fuel marine engine running on diesel and natural gas, improving efficiency and reducing carbon footprint. Sandvik Hiflex® precision strip steel is designed for the manufacture of compressor valves for next-generation compressors and contributes to enhancing compressor efficiency, promoting long service life and reducing noise.


Our operations: Using refractory as a slag-forming agent in the steel plants is under implementation as a standard operational procedure. Our production plant in Gimo, Sweden converted from heating oil to district heat produced from biofuel. The new district heating solution is expected to reduce the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions by 1,850 tons on a yearly basis.

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Our offerings: We have extensive recycling schemes of natural resources and raw materials with the aim to constantly increase the levels of recycled materials. We buy back used cemented-carbide tools from our customers and convert them back into basic raw materials in an extensive recycling program. This reduces energy consumption, lowers carbon emissions and produces less waste. Our Plug and Play Grinding Container increases bit life, decreases expenses of bits, reduces emissions and environmental and human cobalt exposure.


Our operations: Circularity is a key aspect for Sandvik. We have schemes in place to reduce and contain chemicals in order to prevent any damage to people or the surrounding environment. We have a number of initiatives which aim to turn waste into raw materials to be used in other processes. As an example, we work actively with recycling of the mineral dolomit. Full recycling would decrease the demand of virgin dolomite with 3,000 tons per year. We were halfway there by 2018.

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Our offerings: The drill rig Sandvik DD422iE reduces particulates (NOx) and emissions underground. Hiflex flapper valve material helps our customers reduce energy and create more efficient air conditioners and fridges, leading to CO2 emission reductions. Our Kanthal® electric heating technology and services help customers reduce their carbon footprint by converting from gas to electric heating.


Our operations: Reduction of CO2 emissions is a priority for Sandvik and we invest in clean solutions. Since 2013, we have been buying energy from renewable energy sources at our major production sites in Europe, thereby reducing the Group’s CO2 emissions by approximately 20 percent.