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Åsa Thunman (portrait)

Åsa Thunman

Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Sandvik AB

Born 1969. Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Sandvik AB, since 2014.

Education and business experience:

Master of Laws (LL.M), Sweden and the Netherlands. Various positions within Securitas 2009–2014, including General Counsel, Elekta AB 1999–2009, including General Counsel, and Lagerlöf & Leman law firm 1996–1999.

Current board assignments:

Board member of the Swedish Association of Listed Companies (Aktiemarknadsbolagens förening).

Shareholding in Sandvik (own and closely related persons):


Information regarding Board assignments and holdings of shares as of December 31, 2023. Current Board assignments refer to assign­ments in companies or organizations outside the Sandvik Group.