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P1 Accounting principles, Parent Company

The Parent Company has prepared its Annual Report in accordance with the Annual Accounts Act (1995:1554) and the standard, RFR 2 Reporting by a legal entity, issued by the Swedish Financial Reporting Board. The interpretations issued by the Financial Reporting Board valid for listed companies have also been applied. Under RFR 2, the Parent Company in its Annual Report is to apply all the IFRS and IFRIC interpretations approved by the EU to the extent possible within the framework of the Annual Accounts Act, the Act on Income Security, and taking into account the close tie between financial reporting and taxation. The standard specifies what exceptions from or additions to the IFRS shall be made.

The Parent Company generally applies accounting principles as the consolidated financial statements. When an exception is made the accounting principle applied for the Parent Company is presented in the respective note.

§ Accounting principles

The symbol and heading show where the accounting principles are described in the note.

Changed accounting principles

The Parent Company’s accounting principles has changed in accordance with the amendments described in the Group in note G1.

Classification and presentation

The Parent Company’s income statement and balance sheet adhere to the presentation included in the Annual Accounts Act. The differences compared with IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements applied when presenting the consolidated financial statements mainly pertain to the presentation of finance income and expenses, non-current assets, equity and the presentation of provisions as a separate heading in the balance sheet.