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NF2 Stakeholder dialogues

Sandvik has identified a range of stakeholders who are anticipated to be impacted by the company or have the potential to influence Sandvik, with customers, employees, and investors as the most significant among them.

In 2023, we actively engaged with these stakeholders to gain insights into their relationships with Sandvik and to identify potential impacts, risks, and opportunities as part of our materiality assessment.

We met with analysts, investors, and shareholders, covering the implementation of strategic initiatives, the impact of the 2030 Sustainability Goals on Sandvik business, specific targets and outcomes, and our contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sandvik engaged with all major shareholders during this period.

Continuous dialogues with customers remain a priority, focusing on key areas such as product development for enhanced safety, increased energy efficiency, and the promotion of electrification.

Ongoing communication with employees is facilitated through regular meetings, employee surveys, and performance dialogues. Sustainability-related perspectives are integrated into the Sandvik employee survey.

Furthermore, Sandvik maintains regular interactions with unions, fostering discussions centered around the sustainability agenda.

In 2023, Sandvik actively engaged in conferences and roundtable discussions organized by global organizations and academia.

Membership in organizations

Sandvik is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and is active in various industry associations, such as Jernkontoret (steel producers), Svemin (mines, minerals, and metal producers), the International Council of Swedish Industry (NIR), the Cobalt Institute, the International Tungsten Industry Association, the Responsible Minerals Initiative, and The Tungsten Industry Conflict Minerals Council.