Employer of choice

We aim to be the employer of choice within our industries and attract, retain and develop top talents. We focus on having a diverse corporate culture where people feel included regardless of nationality, religion, age or gender. We empower everyone to develop to be able to perform at their best and feel excited, proud, curious and confident, while maintaining a good work-life balance, thereby building a strong and passionate culture.

We strive for an industry-leading engagement level among our employees and have set an engagement target of >80 percent for 2025. In 2022 we reached 78 percent. In 2022, we introduced an employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) for new hires and achieved a score of 68 which will form the basis for future target-setting. We have a decentralized way of working and encourage business area initiatives in areas such as engagement, diversity, inclusion, learning and individual career development.

We believe that diversity and inclusion is key and starts at the top and 44 percent of our Executive Management team are women. We aim for 25 percent of our managers to be female by 2025 and in 2022 the share amounted to 19.6 percent.

Woman in orange work jacket (photo)
Five people looking at a big screen in a meeting room (photo)