Future opportunities with our offering

Our vision is to be the recognized leader in sustainable rock processing solutions. The mining sector is an energy-intensive industry and a significant part of the energy is consumed in the comminution process. This means there is great potential to impact our customers’ sustainability footprint and productivity by providing smart, eco-efficient solutions.

Our offering covers the mining and infrastructure industries. These industries have solid long-term fundamentals, with mining being essential for decarbonizing and electrifying our society, while declining ore grades require higher volumes of rock to be crushed. Sustainability is also a major driver for the infrastructure industry, where urbanization increases the need for new and upgraded infrastructure. These factors are demanding continuous optimization of production processes, improved productivity and energy efficiency.

In the mining business our largest exposure is towards electrification metals and minerals. On the infrastructure side our largest exposure is towards aggregate materials, a key ingredient for a wide range of infrastructure projects, from buildings to highways. Here, optimized processes for recycling and reducing waste are crucial. Our approach addresses the lifecycle of the equipment we provide.

We are electrifying our offering. 100 percent of our stationary offering is already electrified and more than 90 percent of our mobile offering will be available as an electric option by 2025. We help automate our customers’ production processes to maximize their uptime and productivity, with our digital solutions enabling condition monitoring and data-driven insights for continuous improvements. We expand our offering of parts, services and consumables, and we place a high priority on developing circular offerings, ensuring optimized resource efficiency throughout the product lifecycle. Sandvik Reborn is one example where we restore customers’ crushers to their original condition or even apply the latest upgrades to the units.

We are becoming a full solutions provider within our core areas of crushing and screening and we see a high potential to reduce energy and water consumption further downstream the mining value chain with fine crushing solutions.

The value chain for rock processing: Crushing / Demolition > Screening > Grinding > Separation (graphic)
The value chain for rock processing: Crushing / Demolition > Screening > Grinding > Separation (graphic)

Our Offering

  • Stationary crushing and screening
  • Mobile crushing and screening
  • Breakers, booms and demolition tools
  • Parts, services and consumables
  • Digital services and solutions