Innovations creating customer value

With our electrification, digitalization and automation solutions, we are working with our customers to provide them with the latest technologies to transition to a safer, more efficient and more sustainable mine of the future.

We expanded our battery-electric vehicle (BEV) offering, including the introduction of a new truck, Sandvik® TH665B. This is our largest capacity BEV truck for underground applications, and the only battery-electric powered underground truck with a 65-ton capacity in the industry. The truck is engineered to improve productivity, sustainability and cost efficiency in mining operations. It is equipped with the battery-swapping systems AutoSwap™ and AutoConnect™, enabling quick and easy battery swap in a matter of minutes, together with a new battery lifting system for improved reliability.

We launched several new solutions in the product group for autonomous and remotely operated mobile equipment, including the AutoMine® Concept Underground Drill. This fully autonomous, twin-boom development drill rig, capable of drilling without human interaction, can plan and execute the entire drilling cycle from tramming to the face, setting up for drilling, drilling the pattern and returning home to charge for the next cycle.

Our new AutoMine Surface Drilling solution is an autonomous solution for a wide range of Sandvik iSeries surface drill rigs, designed to improve safety, reduce costs and increase productivity. It enables an operator to control multiple rigs remotely from a comfortable location in line-of-sight or a distant control room – improving working conditions and safety.

Sandvik® TH665B BEV truck (photo)

Sandvik® TH665B is our largest capacity BEV truck for underground applications. It is the size of a 40-ton diesel truck but can carry 65 tons.

Ranger® DXi Series surface drill rig (photo)

Ranger® DXi Series surface drill rigs feature a revolving superstructure and a 290-degree reach – enabling an ultimate drilling coverage of 55 square meters.