We champion people

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Our goal: Zero harm to people

We aspire to the highest standards for people and will continue to raise these standards in line with our goal of zero harm.

Making progress

Although severe injuries remained low in 2021, there was a brief spike in less severe injuries in the beginning of the year. We conducted campaigns and safety meetings and analyzed the probable causes, eventually improving the situation as the year progressed. By year-end, Sandvik Manufacturing and Machining Solutions, for example, had recorded their lowest ever LTIFR. At our production unit for hydraulic hammers in Lahti Finland, we adopted a zero-harm ergonomic solution that eliminates slips and falls, along with the shoulder strain injuries caused by repetitive work. The hydraulic nut system makes it possible to bolt heavy machining center work pieces onto fixtures without any force on the part of the operator. In Australia, a solution that minimizes the manual handling when lifting heavy rock tools was introduced.