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NF4 Code of Conduct

The Sandvik Code of Conduct is based on our core values and confirms our strong commitment to ethical and responsible business practices and compliance with relevant laws and regulations in all markets where we operate. Our Code of Conduct sets the principles for how we must act and which business decisions we must make as individuals and as a company and it provides guidance in our actions and everyday business decisions.

Sandvik has set a target to train 100 percent of employees and long-term contractors hired for more than 90 days in the Code of Conduct. The training contains sections dedicated to anti-bribery, corruption, diversity and inclusion, and more. Every quarter, a training report is generated to monitor this target. By the end of 2021, 97 percent (98) of employees and long-term contractors had completed the Code of Conduct training. All members of the Group Executive Management have undergone training in the Code. A target has also been set for onboarding of new employees, whereby 90 percent of new employees should be trained within three months from being hired. The outcome by the end of 2021 was 72 (76) percent. The Code of Conduct was updated in 2021 to align with the revised Sandvik strategy. A new training program has been developed to reinforce the Code of Conduct principles for our employees. The training will be deployed in 2022.