Relevant GRI Indicators


The Sandvik Compliance System includes four areas: Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Competition Law, Third-Party Management and Data Privacy. To emphasize the importance of a fully embedded and agile Compliance System within the business, the Compliance System is part of our 2030 sustainability goals. The purpose is to ensure a well-functioning structure with control over our international business and to manage compliance risks in all countries in which Sandvik operates. The compliance program requirements are set by Group Compliance, including compliance risk identification, policies, applicable training, controls, audits, reporting and monitoring etc., and is implemented by each business area. The Group Compliance function reports to the Sandvik Group General Counsel and the Audit Committee. To ensure continuous alignment and balance between the group compliance requirements and the business implementation, the Sandvik Compliance Functional Council (CFC), which comprises the Group Compliance, business area compliance officers, Head of Governance and Head of Business Integrity, serves the purpose of ensuring efficient, effective and sustainable program initiatives.