We build circularity

Circularity (icon)

Our goal: More than 90 percent circular

We will drive the shift to more circular business models and use of resources, finding ways to close loops and generate new revenue streams from the processes and materials we use.

Making progress

We are working to increase circularity by using more secondary material in production. We purchase customers’ used cemented-carbide inserts, drill bits and rock tools and recover them into tungsten carbide powders and new tools. The combined recycling rate for our carbide products and steel tools was 67 percent and we continuously work to take back and recycle used carbide products from our customers. Our innovative process of producing manganese wear parts for cone crushers uses more than 90 percent recycled steel as raw material. More than 82 percent of the steel we produce is made from recycled material. During the year we replaced some fossil-based shipping packaging with bio-based and recycled plastic and will continue to source suppliers who offer such alternatives. Our Reborn concept reduces material usage and waste generation by restoring or upgrading customers’ old mining or crushing equipment.