P15 Capital and reserves

Share capital

According to the Articles of Association of Sandvik AB, the share capital shall amount to a minimum of SEK 700,000,000 and a maximum of SEK 2,800,000,000. All issued shares are fully paid, have the same voting rights and are equally entitled to the Company’s assets. Share capital has changed as follows over the past two years:

Share capital at:

No. of shares

Quotient value SEK/share

Share capital SEK

December 31, 2019




December 31, 2020




December 31, 2021




A dividend is proposed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the stipulations in the Swedish Companies’ Act, and is approved at the Annual General Meeting. The proposed dividend for 2021 is estimated to amount to SEK 5,958 million, corresponding to SEK 4.75 per share, the amount has not been recognized as a liability.

No shares have been reserved for transfer under options or other agreements.

The Sandvik share is officially listed only on the Nasdaq Stockholm. Shares can also be traded in the US in the form of ADRs (American Depositary Receipts).

The following information is presented in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 6, Section 2.a. of the Swedish Annual Accounts Act.

The Parent Company has issued one series of shares and each share carries one vote. The total number of shares shall be no less than 1,000,000,000 and no more than 4,000,000,000.

At the end of 2021, 1,254,385,923 shares (1,254,385,923) with a quotient value of SEK 1.20 per share had been issued. Shareholders have a preferential right to subscribe to newly issued shares issued for cash or with terms and conditions concerning rights of set off. All shares are fully negotiable.

Accounting principles

Undistributable equity

Undistributable equity may not be paid to the shareholders in the form of dividends.

Statutory reserve

The purpose of the statutory reserve has been to tie up part of the net profit that is not needed to cover an accumulated deficit. The statutory reserve includes amounts that before January 1, 2006 were included in the share premium reserve.

Distributable equity

Share premium reserve

Comprises the value of shares that have been issued at a premium, meaning the price paid was in excess of the share’s quotient value. The amount received in excess of the quotient value was transferred to the share premium reserve.

Retained earnings

Retained earnings comprise the distributable reserves recognized in the preceding year less any dividend declared. The total of such profits brought forward and the profit for the year constitute the total distributable reserves, that is the maximum amount available for distribution to the shareholders.