The Sandvik Way

Sandvik’s corporate governance framework, The Sandvik Way, implements the external rules mentioned above and also sets out the internal rules and principles for governance that apply specifically within Sandvik. It is based on four building blocks, as set forth in the model below, and describes how common ways of working have been implemented throughout the entire organization.

The Sandvik Way


Oversight and Direction

This part outlines how the Group is led and governed from the top. The Board of Directors, elected at the Shareholders’ Meeting, sets the strategic direction for the Group. The President carries this out through the Group Executive Management whose members manage and oversee the operations of the Group. The main operational responsibility in the Group lies with the business areas and divisions, with Group functions responsible for functional policies and processes supporting the business. This part is the main focus of this Corporate Governance Report.

Culture and Enabling Structure

This building block sets the foundation for how we all shape our culture in the company and enable a customer oriented and responsible business. Our operational controls and risk frameworks are underpinned by the ambitions and requirements of our purpose, core values (Customer Focus, Innovation, Fair Play and Passion to Win), Code of Conduct and leadership principles.

Operational System

The detailed controls and risk frameworks common across the Group are detailed in the operational system. This includes many aspects from planning and forecasting, policies, procedures and controls to compliance, monitoring and audit. The operational system represents the day-to-day controls that directly impact the work of our employees. As such, it is subject to regular review and continuous improvement.

Business Area Governance

The final building block in the framework comprises the systems of business area governance, each reflecting the independent challenges and opportunities each business faces in its own industry sector. Customers, business cycles, supply chain and industry risk all vary across the business areas and call for controls and management systems tailored to the business, further complementing the group-wide way of working detailed in the other building blocks. Business area governance is adopted by each business area within the overall framework of The Sandvik Way and may include specific rules and procedures for each business area, division, business unit as well as other relevant parts of the operational business structure.