Our people

Sandvik has a strong culture and solid leadership that encourages local and individual ownership. Our focus on technology and innovation, along with opportunities to develop and build a career, make Sandvik an attractive employer.

Number of employees by market area, 2017

  • Europe 23780
  • Asia 8077
  • North America 5949
  • Africa/Middle East 2356
  • South America 1932
  • Australia 930

Participants in global leadership programs ~500

Average number of employees: 43,376 (44,769)
Of which women: 19% (19)
Turnover rate: 9% (11)

Our business philosophy and way of working are guided by our core values: Customer Focus, Innovation, Fair Play and Passion to Win. These are the foundation for our Code of Conduct and Sandvik's Leadership Model, which serve as compasses for required behaviors. In 2017, we established a People Policy. The responsibility for implementing and communicating the policy lies within the business, including securing resource needs and taking appropriate measures when a breach of the policy has been confirmed.

Engaged employees

Sandvik encourages everyone to realize their full potential in the belief that a strong employee-employer relationship will benefit the company and customer development.

Annual individual performance dialogs and team dialogs set the foundation for career and team development. All employees should be offered at least one individual performance dialog annually. In 2017, 81 percent (84) of our employees participated in performance dialogs (target 95 percent).

In team performance dialogs, we set team objectives for the coming year and identify ways to improve and develop our workplace. Input to the dialogs comes from our biannual employee engagement survey, customer feedback and business objectives. The most recent employee engagement survey was performed in 2016, and during 2017, each business entity followed up on the conclusions and actions defined after it.

Diversity and inclusion

An inclusive environment leveraging the different perspectives and ideas of a diverse workforce will enrich our customer relationships and make our business more competitive and successful.

Sandvik offers knowledge and training in diversity and inclusion through a toolbox that includes e-learning, workshops and exercises. Our Bridge program focuses on leading across boundaries and our global core leadership program provides an introduction on how to work with diversity and inclusion as a manager.

The share of women in managerial positions increased to 17.1 percent (16.5), the share of women in product area management teams decreased to 19 percent (24) and the share of women in the pool of managers preparing for senior managerial positions was 27 percent (28).

On a broader scale, we are engaging with educational institutes and other parts of society in local efforts, for example, in Sweden where we are partners in the Future Female Leader Award. The award goes to a female civil engineering student who has demonstrated outstanding problem solving abilities and excellent leadership qualities.

Debbie Tucker is a manufacturing operator at the Palm Coast site in the US.

Malin Björk works as a production leader at the product area Powder in Sandviken, Sweden.

Share of women, %

Competence for the future

Sandvik works to attract the best talent and retain this talent by offering development and career opportunities. We are facing challenges of new market demands, for example in the area of digital competence. Attracting the right competence is critical, and we leverage the strength of social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, to target for example front- and back-end developers, user experience designers, data scientists and digital marketers. The results are significant savings and on-boarding of hard to come by competence. In 2017 we reached about 184,000 followers on LinkedIn (target 200,000), which was an increase of 21 percent compared to 2016.

We promote an open internal job market where our employees can apply for new positions on our job portal. This encourages internal mobility and career development driven by each employee. During 2017, we had about 3,800 open positions, of which a majority was posted on our internal job portal. Among top management positions, 88 percent were posted on the open internal job market. We also aim for a good balance between internal and external recruitments to capture knowledge and experience from other markets and industries.

Learning and development

We support an organization that is constantly learning, to stay on top of the competition, and all competence development activities are based on business needs. Sandvik offers a variety of learning opportunities that are available through our Learning Management System. About 75 percent of Sandvik employees have access to the system and its global offering within, for example, leadership, language, compliance, the Code of Conduct and finance.

Global Graduate Program

Sandvik's Global Graduate Program attracts top talents in selected markets. The third 18-month long program started in September 2017. We received over 2,500 applications, out of which ten graduates were selected – five men and five women from India, China, the US, Sweden and Finland.

Leadership programs

About 500 managers participated in our global leadership programs in 2017. The largest program is a core leadership program for all managers with people responsibility. We also have a mid-level management program, an expert program, a next generation leadership program and a program focusing on cross­-border leadership. All our leadership programs are based on our leadership model, which sets clear expectations on both leadership capabilities and behaviors.

Learning Academies and mentoring

Our business areas and product areas provide specialized academies that focus on competence development for employees, customers and suppliers. These often have a strong focus on technology, business, product and sales training.

Mentoring is being used to develop the ability of managers and employees to motivate and encourage others, share knowledge and expertise and sometimes to prepare an employee for a future position.

University collaboration

Sandvik collaborates with many universities all over the world to attract talent, participate in projects, offer lectures, do PhD and thesis work and collaborate on research. In Germany, for example, we collaborate with the University of Tübingen and the University of Heilbronn. In Sweden, we have many initiatives with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Uppsala University, and in the US we have a long history of collaborating with Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan.