Human rights and fair labor conditions

Miners at the Klondex Fire Creek mine in Nevada, USA listen during a morning pre-start meeting. The mine, the world’s highest-grade gold operation, relies on a Sandvik 365 Expertise On Site service agreement to help guarantee equipment reliability and availability.

Our commitment to human rights is confirmed in our Code of Conduct as well as in our Supplier Code of Conduct. The Codes also provide guidance in identifying, preventing and mitigating risks related to human rights. In 2017, 23 percent of all Speak Up reports related to human rights matters. In our supplier audits, 23 percent of the deviations were related to human rights.

To mitigate human rights risks, we continuously work to ensure compliance with national legislation and internationally agreed human rights standards and regulations. We regularly evaluate our standards and procedures for identifying, preventing and mitigating adverse human rights impacts in the Group’s operations and in our value chain. Our work on human rights is integrated in our regular processes and procedures in different ways, for example, in our Sustainable Supplier Management, our safety work and in our diversity and inclusion scheme. We have zero tolerence for forced or slave labor and child labor.

We also support children’s rights and the right to education through our community involvement programs in, for example, India and China. All employees have the right, if they choose, to join a union and be covered by a collective agreement. Health and safety are key elements in our operations as we believe the right to a safe and healthy workplace is central.

We believe in a diverse workforce without any form of discrimination based on gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, marital status, social group or any other characteristics, nor do we accept any form of harassment or bullying.

In light of the recent global campaign “#metoo”, the Group Executive Management encouraged every employee having been subjected to harassment or discrimination to report this to a manager or through our Speak Up system. In the last two months of 2017, a total of 15 harassment-related matters were reported through Speak Up. This can be compared to a previuous average of two reports per month. All individual reports through our Speak Up system are managed according to established processes and, when needed, followed up with appropriate measures.