Community involvement and sponsorship

Sandvik operates several school projects across the globe. The Sandvik Every Child Counts campaign aims to prevent child labor and provide education to migrant and street children in India.

Sandvik strives to be a good corporate citizen and have a positive influence on the communities we work in. As a global company, we contribute to many communities around the world. We support projects related to innovation, education and skills, health and safety and “local enabler” projects.

We believe that both the community and our company benefit from sponsorship and community involvement, making Sandvik a more attractive employer and increasing loyalty among employees and a positive perception among people in the local community.

We view community involvement projects as investments for which we require contracts, clear target groups and objectives with measureable results. All activities must conform to our Code of Conduct, which means that we do not engage in any activities of a political or religious nature or in projects that may be viewed as hazardous to health or the environment. All our project partners must sign our Supplier Code of Conduct and undergo the same screening process as our suppliers.

Four distinct project areas

Our platform for projects in sponsorship and community involvement comprises the following four areas:


Projects that clearly link to our daily work, products and solutions.

Education and skills

Projects that demonstrate our role as an employer and provide long-term employer branding value.

Health and safety

Health-related projects showing our societal commitment.

Local enabler

Projects creating joint value for our stakeholders and our employees.

Engineers Without Borders

In June 2017, Sandvik signed a long-term partnership agreement with Engineers Without Borders, Sweden to contribute technical expertise, project management skills and international experience to the non-governmental organization’s (NGO) volunteer projects. Sandvik will contribute both financially as well as in the form of human or knowledge resources. At the same time, Sandvik employees benefit from the opportunity to participate in humanitarian projects.

Engineers Without Borders has national affiliates across the world that run development projects in partnership with the local population. The focus is on sustainable energy and water supply, schools and education, hospitals and care.

The NGO is active in Africa where it currently has some 20 projects in progress, including installing solar cell electricity to provide lighting in Kenyan schools and building sanitation systems in Tanzania.

In 2017, Sandvik signed an agreement with Engineers Without Borders, Sweden.

The first joint project is a wind power project in Tanzania.

School programs

The Sandvik Every Child Counts campaign in India is an initiative to prevent child labor and provide education to migrant and street children in the country. Since 2014, a total of 3,335 out of school children have been enrolled in mainstream schools and 1,305 have continued education in 45 different schools across the Pune region.

The Sandvik School on Wheels program complements the Every Child Counts campaign by providing education at the doorstep of sites where there is no school. The School on Wheels is a refurbished bus equipped with classroom supplies in which we conduct classes across different sites. This initiative reaches out to children of the most marginalized communities like rag pickers, roadside sellers and migrant workers.

In Sweden, Sandvik runs two technical secondary schools with the Sandviken and Östhammar municipalities.

Some of the participants in Sandvik's vocational training programs in South Africa.

Vocational training in South Africa

We run a number of vocational training programs in order to increase the level of technical expertise in countries where there is a lack of trained mechanics impacting our ability to obtain skilled labor.

More than 900 people have been trained and subsequently employed by Sandvik in South Africa through the Sandvik Apprenticeship program, established in 2001. The program was started to address a skills shortage in South Africa for tradespeople, including electricians, carpenters and mechanics. The corporate sector was encouraged to join forces with the South African government in addressing this shortage and training tradespeople in conjunction with the Department of Education, the Department of Labor and the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Sandvik continues to provide workshops, coaching, on-site learning and evaluations. We also provide Sandvik-specific machining courses and technical training at the local Sandvik Academy. The maximum four-year program includes formal courses at a chosen college.

Through the Sandvik Apprenticeship program, we help improve the skills and employability of South Africans in the area where we operate. All participants receive benefits such as access to medical health care.