Indo-MIM relies on Sandvik Osprey® Powders

Some complex parts for the industrial segment that Indo-MIM has developed through metal injection molding (MIM).

Sandvik Materials Technology’s gas atomized metal powders help facilitate a wide range of customer applications including metal injection molding (MIM) and additive manufacturing (3D printing). Indo-MIM, a supplier of precision-engineered products, has gained a competitive edge with high quality molds manufactured using Sandvik's metal powder Osprey®.

Sandvik’s gas atomized metal powders are available in a wide range of particle sizes and alloys, including nickel, stainless steel, cobalt and binary alloys. Customers such as Indo-MIM Ptv. Ltd, have come to rely on Sandvik's gas atomized metal powder Osprey® for their manufacturing processes.

Sandvik has been supplying powders and process equipment to Indo-MIM for more than 15 years. Indo-MIM is a leading global supplier of precision-engineered products manufactured using metal injection molding technology. Its operations are located in Texas, the US and Bangalore, India.

Quality and trust

Indo-MIM manufactures molds that are used to make a wide array of components for customers in the automotive, medical, consumer product and industrial sectors in more than 40 countries. Sandvik's Osprey powders are used in the manufacturing of these metal molds. In 2017 alone, Sandvik supplied the company with 33 different alloy powder products.

“We use Sandvik's powders in most of our major application areas mainly for the stainless steel to make products,” says Sachin Malgave, Senior Manager Research & Development, Indo-MIM. “The raw material is very important for our production and we chose Sandvik for its very high quality gas atomized powders. Sandvik also gives us quick and good feedback on material requirements and that helps us to provide our customers with new materials and enter new areas.”

3D printing in the forecast

Indo-MIM recently began using Sandvik Osprey powders to develop 3D-printed metal materials for tooling. This, says Malgave, will help enhance the company’s future production capabilities. Using 3D metal printing to produce advanced conformal cooling molds can increase the efficiency of the molding process.

“Sandvik is also helping us to minimize variations and scrap in our production processes for more consistency and better efficiency,” says Malgave.

R. Premanand, Assistant Manager, in the Indo-MIM purchasing team, is pleased with the Sandvik efforts. “Sandvik is very flexible and we have a good cooperation with the support team. We like working with them and feel very comfortable,” he says.

MIM technology

Metal injection molding is a net shape technology used to manufacture all kinds of complex components such as medical devices and aerospace and automotive turbochargers. It offers several advantages over other production technologies, such as more cost-efficient manufacturing of high volumes of complex parts, reduced production time compared with casting, less finishing time and minimal waste.