There’s no turning back after using PrimeTurning™

José Carrizales from Sandvik Coromant explains the advantages with PrimeTurning to customer Adrián Valdez.

New solutions from Sandvik are helping customers improve their efficiency, flexibility and productivity. Sandvik Coromant’s new methodology, PrimeTurning™, helped Mexican customer Sisamex increase parts produced per hour by 100 percent.

PrimeTurning™ enables turning in all directions for much more efficiency and productivity in turning compared to conventional methods. Using the new turning method results in longer lasting inserts, faster metal removal rates, higher machine utilization and less time spent on setup and tool changes. All this makes for a very fast return on investment.

The team responsible for PrimeTurning in Mexico approached Sisamex, a major automotive customer that manufactures transmission parts. The customer doubted that anything could outperform the pinion machining method they had been working with and perfecting over the past 20 years.

Taking the challenge

However, after some persuasion, Sisamex agreed to try the method, provided it could increase the company’s parts produced per hour by 25 percent. If it was capable of increasing their efficiency and productivity so substantially, then the automotive company would use all Sandvik Coromant tools for a new machine they were planning to install.

Tests were conducted at the Sandvik Coromant Center in Mexico, with a pinion sample from the customer that needed to be replicated and the desired increase in produced parts per hour was successfully achieved. Not only that, it was actually increased by 100 percent, from 10 to 20 components per hour.

This was enough to convince Sisamex to switch from pinion machining to PrimeTurning. "From the first presentation, CoroTurn® Prime felt like a good fit to increase our productivity at the pinion production line. After the first results we knew we had hit a home run with this new project and we clearly saw increased performance of the tools, considerable reduction of cycle time and improved control of the process,” says Paul Mata, Manufacturing Manager at Sisamex.

Operators are happy they don’t have to change the insert as frequently as in the past, thanks to longer tool life. They are also pleased with the relative ease of changing the cut direction.

The method is such a groundbreaker that it went on to receive the prestigious MaschineMarkt (MM) Innovation award at the 2017 EMO The World of Metalworking exhibition in Hannover, Germany in September.