Customer segments


Mining 27%*

We deliver drill rigs, rock-drilling tools and ­systems, mobile and stationary crushers, load and haul machines, tunneling equipment, continuous mining and ­mechanical cutting equipment, as well as various ­solutions to increase automation, safety and customer productivity.

Engineering 23%*

Our tools and tooling systems for metal cutting as well as advanced materials and components are used in ­engineering industries worldwide, improving ­productivity, profitability, quality, output, safety and environment.



Energy 12%*

Sandvik offers solutions for all forms of energy ­production, including clean and renewable energy. We supply stainless and high-alloy products as well as tools and tooling systems to satisfy the ­industry’s metal-cutting needs.

Automotive 14%*

Our cemented-carbide tools and tooling systems for turning, milling and drilling in metals raise productivity when manufacturing e.g engines and transmissions. Our stainless and high-alloy products are found in for example, safety belts, airbags, brakes, air conditioning and various instruments.



Construction 12%*

We provide solutions for the breaking, drilling, tunneling, crushing and screening niches of the construction industry.

Aerospace 6%*

Sandvik works closely with the world´s aerospace companies. As they apply new materials to manufacture airplanes that are lighter, safer and more fuel efficient, advanced tooling solutions and light-weight materials from the Group are critical.


* Share of Group revenues 2016